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All we do and all we are about is contained within our name, Velatswi, a play on the word "Velaphi" which is a common colloquial word for scooters. The suffix (-tswi) represents the past participle for 'going out' in Sepedi, go tswa, so simply put, to be out and about with scooters.

Velatswi was birthed to span the historical gap between conventional race groups that were involved in biking and "scooting" culture, only now, we're extending that reach to achieve a far more inclusive group. Unveiling the "exclusive to one race" curtain.

                                                                               FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER

We are the epitome that you do not have to travel far nor outside the beautiful land of South Africa to enjoy amazing and unforgettable experiences. Sometimes it's not about where you go but how you get there, VELATSWI is that "how".

We are the bridge between you and an experience of a lifetime. One like no other. A fully immersive hosted ride  experience, heart thrilling, sense engaging, sight amazement and so much more.


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Pretoria, South Africa

Whatsapp : 067 909 9106

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Thabang K is the Founder of Velatswi. A young, disruptive Entrepreneur and motorbike enthusiast. Upon having finished Matric at Pretoria Boys High School, he always knew he would end up taking on the road less travelled. The daunting road of entrepreneurship, a journey of creating something of value to the masses, often creating and raising up innovative ideas and concepts like you would a newborn infant. 

Velatswi is on par to becoming a trailblazer in local tourism economy. One certainly has differing experiences in a car vs train vs bus and motorcycle, we are all about the two wheel revolution. We're hellbent on rewriting the negative narrative and perception created out of misguided fear of motorcycles. We hope to bring the 2wheeled experience closer to the ground and offer it to the majority that haven't ever really given it much thought. 

Over time, through a current ongoing partnership, you will get to learn the skill of riding and become owners yourselves. We bet those pockets are feeling a lot lighter thanks to the ever increasing petrol price.
We are more than just an experience, we are a revolution. Let's disrupt and create together and recover #SATourism.

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